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In the competitive world of insurance, agility and efficiency are paramount. HDI, an industry-leading insurance company faced a pivotal challenge: their cloud infrastructure was anchored in Cloud Foundry, but the corporate mandate was to transition entirely to Azure. See how our expertise proved to be vital in this ambitious endeavor. 2-month project successfully completed.

About HDI

HDI, an international insurance group established in 1903, has grown from a liability insurer for the German industry into a global insurance powerhouse. Their mission is to develop and deliver insurance solutions that active and dynamic companies require for their success.

Initial State: The Starting Point

Client’s Setup:

All assets were meticulously managed in GitLab.
Deployments adhered strictly to Cloud Foundry, forming the bedrock of their operations.

The company was at a crossroads. Their tech stack, though robust, was out of alignment with the organizational shift towards Azure. This misalignment presented potential inefficiencies and scalability issues that needed immediate attention.

The Challenge: Bridging Two Worlds

Company Requirement:

Migration Need: With the entire company now supporting Azure, there was an urgent requirement to migrate all processes, assets, and deployments from Cloud Foundry to Azure.

This migration wasn’t just a technical necessity; it was a strategic move to ensure uniformity across the company’s IT landscape. The challenge lay in executing this transition smoothly, without disrupting ongoing operations—a tall order given the two-month deadline.

The Journey: Meticulous Planning and Execution

Hicron Software House stepped in with a clear mission. Their approach was methodical, focusing on seamless integration and minimal downtime.

  • Complete Migration:

Within the tight two-month window, Hicron successfully migrated all components from GitLab to Azure DevOps and Azure.

  • Cost Efficiency:

A new cost model was introduced, enabling the client to pay only for what they used, augmented by precise cost management practices.

  • Improved Resource Management:

The migration enabled the use of shared Kubernetes clusters, allowing resources to scale dynamically based on workload demands.
This led to improved efficiency and better resource utilization across the company.
Changes were versioned, ensuring a transparent history of modifications and accountability.

  • Enhanced Collaboration:

Integration with existing Azure Kubernetes clusters managed by another team was achieved, fostering inter-team collaboration.
Streamlined processes using Azure DevOps and ArgoCD were established.
Infrastructure configurations such as autoscalers and schedulers were shared across teams, reducing redundancy.

  • Standardized Deployments:

Helm charts were implemented for generic and reusable deployment configurations.
Automated cleanup pipelines were set up to manage Docker images efficiently.
Infrastructure replication became straightforward, ensuring consistent results and simplifying both deployment and maintenance.

  • Comprehensive Documentation:

Every migration process and configuration was thoroughly documented within the codebase.
Separated documentation files ensured clarity and accessibility for all team members.

Achievements and Impact: The Transformation

  • Scalable and Cost-Effective Infrastructure:

The company’s cloud infrastructure was enhanced, making it more scalable and cost-effective.

  • Streamlined CI/CD Processes:

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes were streamlined, significantly improving development and deployment efficiency.

  • Future-Ready:

The company was now well-positioned to handle future growth and workload variations, thanks to the robust and flexible new setup.

By weaving together strategic expertise, meticulous planning, and flawless execution, our DevOps Team transformed the HDI’s DevOps landscape, setting them on a path to sustained efficiency and growth.

Our Proof of Concept

How to use DevOps without burning budget with a flexible environment

The collaboration between the insurance company and Hicron Software House stands as a beacon of effective project management and technological transformation. In just two months, a migration was achieved, laying a strong foundation for future innovations. This case is a testament to the power of expert intervention in navigating complex transitions, ensuring that businesses remain agile and competitive in an ever-evolving market.


What our partners say about us

After carefully evaluating suppliers, we decided to try a new approach and start working with a near-shore software house. Cooperation with Hicron Software House was something different, and it turned out to be a great success that brought added value to our company.

With HICRON’s creative ideas and fresh perspective, we reached a new level of our core platform and achieved our business goals.

Many thanks for what you did so far; we are looking forward to more in future!

hdi logo
Jan-Henrik Schulze
Head of Industrial Lines Development at HDI Group

Hicron is a partner who has provided excellent software development services. Their talented software engineers have a strong focus on collaboration and quality. They have helped us in achieving our goals across our cloud platforms at a good pace, without compromising on the quality of our services. Our partnership is professional and solution-focused!

NBS logo
Phil Scott
Director of Software Delivery at NBS

The IT system supporting the work of retail outlets is the foundation of our business. The ability to optimize and adapt it to the needs of all entities in the PSA Group is of strategic importance and we consider it a step into the future. This project is a huge challenge: not only for us in terms of organization, but also for our partners – including Hicron – in terms of adapting the system to the needs and business models of PSA. Cooperation with Hicron consultants, taking into account their competences in the field of programming and processes specific to the automotive sector, gave us many reasons to be satisfied.


PSA Group - Wikipedia
Peter Windhöfel
IT Director At PSA Group Germany

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