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SaaS application development consulting services

  • Our experts support building
    complex, multi-tenant applications that fit your business needs
  • Reliable infrastructure, smooth integration, and uncompromised
    security while developing, deploying, and maintaining SaaS products
  • We consult and offer solutions that are scalable
    and secure-to use with a perfect UI/UX
  • Our SaaS consultants will help you turn your business idea into a reality. You can enrich SaaS development services.
  • We take an innovative approach to consulting, product development, solving specific problems and turning concepts into actionable plans that can be tailored specifically to our client’s needs!
  • With the SaaS platform, you can enjoy all the benefits of an IT department without hiring someone or investing in hardware. And the development process can be streamlined.
  • Access your SaaS app development through the best consulting services. Consult and develop SaaS with top IT experts!
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Key points of SaaS application consulting services

Web app design

We’re here to take care of all your web development needs – from building an initial idea through testing and maintenance. We’ll handle everything so you can focus on running a fantastic company!

When you need a customized e-commerce solution that can’t be found in any marketplace, reach out to our Hicron Software House team – we are specialized in SaaS solutions and Custom Software.

SaaS migration and integration

Moving your data to the cloud is not always an easy task. We know that you’re busy and can’t spend hours researching which solution will work best for what kinds of applications, so we will do all this research!

Our experts are here with solutions tailored specifically towards integrating different types of SaaS-based services such as CRMs or custom APIs and integrating ERPs efficiently – just let us help set everything up so it’s seamless when switching over from on-premise.

DevOps Support

Hicron Software House has one goal – to help businesses improve their systems by hiring knowledgeable developers. We understand how important it can be for DevOps teams and provide the best quality product with efficient service solutions that will ultimately benefit you!

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What are the benefits of SaaS application development services?

With our extensive offerings, you don’t have to worry about your steady SaaS development.

Software for clients

Client-focused solution will secure your growth.

Easier workflow

Hicron Software House will take care of security and data processing no matter what type is being used to store it. App development has never been better!

Better access

Align your base enterprise solution like CRM and ERP to recent demands with experts in the field. SaaS cloud-based systems are one of our top expertises!

Optimize expenses

SaaS consulting services are a great option for optimizing your expenses. A fresh perspective from SaaS developer will help you make the best use of your resources.

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Cost savings through a SaaS application development services

  • The total cost of ownership. Customers can finally enjoy the benefits of low-cost cloud computing without losing their data. This is because physical servers and other hardware are no longer needed, which results in lower total ownership what you would expect from just looking at monthly fees – even after taking updates into account!
  • Costs for the initial setup. Succeed, so your customers can enjoy significant savings by not having to purchase new equipment or invest in physical space for your business venture.

Choose SaaS consulting services from Hicron Software House

SaaS, or software as a service is an excellent way for businesses with limited resources to still enjoy all the benefits of owning their own computer. You are able to work with your favorite apps without having any knowledge of how they work – just use them.

If you have any questions, want to consult SaaS development feel free to contact us!

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Frequently asked questions regarding SaaS development & consulting

What is a SaaS development company?

A SaaS (Software as a Service) development company is a business that specializes in developing and managing software applications that are hosted on the cloud. The key benefit of SaaS is that it enables businesses to access their services and data from anywhere with an internet connection. SaaS companies typically provide clients with end-to-end solutions, ranging from cloud infrastructure design and deployment to software customization, integration and ongoing support services. By outsourcing these tasks, firms can reduce costs while gaining access to the latest technology.

How is SaaS product developed?

A SaaS product is developed using the principles of software development, including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, deployment and maintenance. During the requirements gathering phase, a SaaS product team will define the specific features and functionality that they want to include in the application. This is followed by a design phase where the user interface and other technical aspects are determined. After this comes the coding phase wherein developers write code for the various components of the software. Testing follows to ensure that all components work together as expected before finally deploying the application on a cloud platform such as AWS or Azure. Finally, maintenance involves regular updates to fix any bugs or introduce new features to keep up with customer demand.

What are the stages of SaaS product development?

The stages of SaaS product development include Requirements gathering, Design and architecture, Coding and programming, Testing, Deployment, Maintenance and updates.

Considering Creating or Upgrading Your SaaS Application?

Consulting is a great way to leverage expert knowledge and experience when developing your SaaS product. Here are some of the key benefits of using consulting for SaaS development:

  • Access to expertise – Consulting firms have firsthand experience in working on similar projects, so they can provide invaluable insights and advice.
  • Cost savings – Consultants may be able to recommend more efficient or cost-effective solutions and help keep your project within budget.
  • Faster results – With their expertise, consultants can often help you deliver results faster than if you tried to do it yourself.
  • Reduced risk – Consultants can help identify potential risks upfront and advise on the best ways to manage them.
  • Improved quality – With their industry experience, consulting firms are in a unique position to provide quality control and assurance for your product.

How long does it take to develop a SaaS application?

The amount of time it takes to develop a SaaS application varies depending on the complexity of the project, the size and scope of the project, and other factors. Generally speaking, it typically takes anywhere from four to twelve months to develop a SaaS application. It is important to keep in mind that this timeframe is just an estimate and can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your project.

How much does SaaS development cost?

The cost of SaaS development varies and depends on a variety of factors such as the size and scope of the project, the complexity of the features, and the resources required. On average, it can cost anywhere between $20,000 to $500,000+ to build a SaaS application.

How to choose a SaaS specialist for your project?

When looking for a SaaS specialist for your project, there are several steps you should take:

  1. Identify the needs of your project, determine the size and scope of the project, and list out any special requirements.
  2. Research SaaS specialists with relevant experience in developing projects similar to yours.
  3. Request quotes from multiple SaaS developers and compare their offerings.
  4. Ask questions about their development process, timeline, cost and any other details specific to your project.
  5. Evaluate each proposal carefully before making a final decision.

Ready To Work on SaaS Ideas With Best SaaS Developers? Want to Discuss Your SaaS Development Needs? Want to Build a SaaS App Hassle-Free?

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SaaS Development consulting company

SaaS Development consulting is a highly specialized area of software development. Companies that are looking to develop high-quality SaaS products need to seek out top Saas Development companies that have experience developing secure, reliable, and high-performance custom software solutions. Such companies should have extensive experience in developing robust SaaS applications and products (or web applications), as well as providing the necessary SaaS application development services. Software development practices to deliver SaaS software solutions need careful and thorough approach.

By enlisting the help of a reputable Saas Development company, businesses can leverage their knowledge and expertise to create a tailored SaaS solution that is optimized for their particular needs. Furthermore, they will be able to receive professional advice and guidance on the best practices related to software architecture design, cloud computing integration, security protocols, scalability and availability considerations, integration with third-party systems, data management strategies and more.

A good Saas product development process should also encompass user interface design for intuitive usability so that users can quickly get up and running with the application. Outstanding SaaS solutions require quality assurance procedures from beginning to end in order to ensure that all components of the system are functioning properly before being deployed into production environments.

With the help of a top Saas Development company, businesses can trust that their SaaS product will be built with reliability and performance in mind so they can be sure their customers enjoy an exceptional user experience. SaaS development is one of the most popular developments in the IT landscape.

SaaS development consulting is a great way to bring your SaaS project to life. Whether you are looking for custom SaaS solutions, or need help setting up an existing SaaS business, an experienced SaaS development team can help you reach your goals.

Working with a leading SaaS development & consulting company provides access to the latest technologies, strategies, and development solutions. Our team of experienced professionals can help you create successful end-to-end SaaS products that are tailored specifically for your needs.

Along with our expertise in software engineering and UX/UI design, the leading saas development company also provides data analysis and optimization services to ensure the highest quality of results. With the right team of SaaS experts on board, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered according to the highest standards and specifications.

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End-to-end approach to SaaS Development and Consulting

The end-to-end approach to software as a service (SaaS) solutions is an effective way to provide digital services and web app development. This strategy ensures a successful SaaS solution by providing comprehensive services that encompass all stages of the project, from planning and development to implementation and ongoing support.

It allows for seamless integration of various components, which helps ensure that customers have full control over the applications they use. This might include data storage, security, scalability and performance. By taking an end-to-end approach to SaaS, businesses can create a robust and reliable infrastructure that can be scaled up or down depending on customer demand.

It allows for better testing procedures so that any bugs or issues can be identified before they become critical. The end-to-end approach provides businesses with the necessary tools and services needed to build successful SaaS projects that meet both their current needs and future goals.

Modern software development practices for SaaS development

The development of SaaS applications requires a set of best practices and processes to be followed to ensure the successful delivery of the end product. Scalable SaaS needs the use of agile methodologies, which involve breaking down tasks into smaller parts to quickly deliver working software in short cycles. This allows for faster feedback loops, which result in better quality code and improved customer satisfaction.

Additionally, development project includes automated testing is critical for ensuring that all aspects of a comprehensive SaaS application are functioning as intended before going into production. Automated testing can also help speed up development by allowing more frequent releases with fewer manual tests.

Other practices to deliver SaaS products such as continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) emphasized automation and collaboration between developers, testers and operations teams to quickly deliver tested features safely into production. All these development practices give organizations greater control over how they deploy their SaaS applications, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability.

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Kay facts to know about the SaaS environment, examples of SaaS and SaaS industry

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the delivery of software applications over the internet. These web-based applications are hosted on remote servers, enabling users to access them from any device with an internet connection. Custom software development of software as a service solution enriches competitive advantage.

Examples of SaaS include web-based software email hosting services such as Gmail and Outlook, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, document creation programs such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365, project management tools like Trello and Asana, and collaboration platforms such as Slack and Zoom. The SaaS industry is rapidly expanding; according to Statista, global SaaS revenue was estimated to be $113 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $157 billion by 2022.

Additionally, Gartner forecasts that the global SaaS market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17 percent through 2021. This explosive growth has created a large number of new jobs in the tech sector since many businesses now rely heavily on cloud-based software solutions for their everyday operations.

Some of the examples of services for SaaS

Examples of services for SaaS include customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), office suites, collaboration software, software for human resources management and payroll, accounting and finance software, analytics and business intelligence tools, marketing automation software, e-commerce platforms and more. Product development services can cover complex SaaS requirements. SaaS subscription software options are convenient mainstream options for many businesses.

Every SaaS services generally offer similar features, such as scalability, customization, rapid deployment, and access to the latest technology. Additionally, they usually provide a secure and reliable platform (saas web) that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and can be used by multiple users simultaneously.


What our partners say about us

After carefully evaluating suppliers, we decided to try a new approach and start working with a near-shore software house. Cooperation with Hicron Software House was something different, and it turned out to be a great success that brought added value to our company.

With HICRON’s creative ideas and fresh perspective, we reached a new level of our core platform and achieved our business goals.

Many thanks for what you did so far; we are looking forward to more in future!

hdi logo
Jan-Henrik Schulze
Head of Industrial Lines Development at HDI Group

Hicron is a partner who has provided excellent software development services. Their talented software engineers have a strong focus on collaboration and quality. They have helped us in achieving our goals across our cloud platforms at a good pace, without compromising on the quality of our services. Our partnership is professional and solution-focused!

NBS logo
Phil Scott
Director of Software Delivery at NBS

The IT system supporting the work of retail outlets is the foundation of our business. The ability to optimize and adapt it to the needs of all entities in the PSA Group is of strategic importance and we consider it a step into the future. This project is a huge challenge: not only for us in terms of organization, but also for our partners – including Hicron – in terms of adapting the system to the needs and business models of PSA. Cooperation with Hicron consultants, taking into account their competences in the field of programming and processes specific to the automotive sector, gave us many reasons to be satisfied.


PSA Group - Wikipedia
Peter Windhöfel
IT Director At PSA Group Germany

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