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Optimized quality control of post-sales servicing for automotive giant

A way to optimize spending and reduce technical debt
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About the project

  • Industry
  • Ongoing Partnership
    since 2014
  • HQ
  • Team composition
    5-20 experts ramping
    up and down throughout
    7+ years of collaboration

Analysis of qualitative data in a new and better version. Comprehensive tech upgrade and cost optimization.

The company had an existing product for supporting post-sales service. The quality control analysis needed upgrades in terms of technology and UX. The scope of the project includes upgrading an outdated system affecting the quality of the company’s operations in one of its key areas.


One of the major issues faced by the client is the growing need for adequate collection and analysis of qualitative data.

  • The client needed an IT partner who would carry ownership for product development and maintenance. The goal is to control, maintain and improve the quality of post-sales services.
  • Part of this process is an application for surveys based on which problems are found. Analyzed survey data allows to catch recurring problems. These are imported into the system and it recommends remedies to the problem.

For this process, the client needed an IT partner who would take care of the correct engineering and analysis of the incoming data.

  • The client’s system needed to be used directly at the workplace in the car workshop, possibly offline, so that the information is collected as early as possible.
  • The multilingual global surveying system needed a responsive web application for service quality improvement in auto repair shops. Dedicated to more than 60,000 users in 140 countries for multiple brands.
  • In addition to UI/UX redesign of reports and tech upgrade, our Partner needed to merge data sources and migrate to the Cloud.

The client was looking for an IT partner to lead the development and maintenance of the product.

Scope & Highlights


UX/UI Redesign


Single module with aggregated data


30+ charts for detailed analysis

60 000+ users


140 countries

SaaS Development Consulting Hicron Software House

Exit from the non-optimal cost of the cloud

Our Approach

The composition of the Dedicated, cross-functional and scalable team over 7 years of cooperation has been changing (about 5-20 experts) including Lead Developer, Business Analyst, Software Developers, Software Testers, and Agile Delivery Lead.

  • Our team created a new analytics module where we switched from the old type of charts to Angular technology. This type of module provides very large amounts of data that can be effectively analyzed. The product was tailored to the client’s needs.
  • When a particular problem is repeated, it is brought into the global system and then the system recommends a particular solution or what the possible counter-measures might be.
  • We introduced and implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) to improve the quality of security.
  • In the beginning, we were supposed to implement the module in the Cloud, but before the release, we discovered that the maintenance costs would be too high. We made the decision to host internally (at the client’s server). After that, we quickly managed to help with migration out of the Cloud, which was too expensive.
  • Our team has reimplemented data capture mechanisms in an on-premise Oracle database.
  • We implemented test automation for high standards of quality assurance and synchronized two data sources.



Fully customized solution driven by modern technology for better and faster data processing, visualization for further product improvement.

quality assurance testing

Reduced number of bugs and automated testing for high-quality assurance. 

software development

The product is more intuitive for users.

The multilingual global survey system we created is a modular, responsive web application for service quality improvement in auto repair shops. ​

Ongoing Product Vision Development based on partnership and bi-directional trust. 7+ years!

Thumb up

A cost-optimized in-house solution with a greater business rationale in this particular case.

Currently used by more than 60,000 users
in 140 countries. The portal is used by multiple brands.

Technologies we used

Angular from 6 to 12 (updated), Java 8 to 11 (updated), Spring 4 to 5 (updated), Spring Boot 2 – 2.1 (updated), Oracle, MySQL Aurora

From our library

Hicron Software House digitizing Automotive supply chain


What our partners say about us

After carefully evaluating suppliers, we decided to try a new approach and start working with a near-shore software house. Cooperation with Hicron Software House was something different, and it turned out to be a great success that brought added value to our company.

With HICRON’s creative ideas and fresh perspective, we reached a new level of our core platform and achieved our business goals.

Many thanks for what you did so far; we are looking forward to more in future!

hdi logo
Jan-Henrik Schulze
Head of Industrial Lines Development at HDI Group

Hicron is a partner who has provided excellent software development services. Their talented software engineers have a strong focus on collaboration and quality. They have helped us in achieving our goals across our cloud platforms at a good pace, without compromising on the quality of our services. Our partnership is professional and solution-focused!

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Phil Scott
Director of Software Delivery at NBS

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